Unknown casing-35mm Oerlikon

could anybody tell me what casing this is all i know is it has a 40mm solid steel projectile and i think it has a steel casing but I don’t know what weapon this is for or which country is has come from.

Base of Casing:


Picture of the hole thing:


35mm Oerlikon. Swiss

35x228 KD series.

I am not sure about the case but it could be a British made one. 1979 seems a bit too early for that as the 35mm came to the UK only as Falklands war throphies and then kept developing there (as far as my weak memory is telling me). Our Britsh members will know for sure.

It also looks much like a 30x170mm? Oerlikon, no scale though so I cant say for sure, just an idea.

David, could you tell us the exact case length please?

OE in the headstamp and primer should be Oerlikon. Unless someone else made it and put the OE headstamp code on at their request.

I believe BMARCo made the cases under contract for Oerlikon before the British military captured any of the guns.

Not every sign is neccessarily a manufacturer ID.
The best example is Oerlikon cases which are made for Oerlikon but bear the manufacturer’s logo of for example “PSW” (one of the main case manufacturers for Oerlikon, located in Liechtenstein) next to the “Oe”.
As a matter of fact I am not even sure if Oerlikon had an own case production at all.
So here “BM” made the case for Oerlikon.

Falcon, thanks for the info!

BM = British Manufacturing and Research Company

iraqwatch.org/government/uk/ … /d7-56.htm

D7.56 From 1971 to May 1988, British Manufacturing and Research Company Limited (BMARC) was the UK-based ordnance and ammunition manufacturing subsidiary of Oerlikon, a Swiss armaments manufacturing company. At this time, according to the Report made by company inspectors pursuant to an investigation into Astra Holdings Plc under Section 431(2)© of the Companies Act 1985 (the Astra Report), BMARC “had the only medium calibre ammunition production facility in the UK apart from RO [Royal Ordnance] and was a major manufacturer of a range of cannon, cannon mounts and ammunition.” *69

D7.57 On 24 May 1988 Astra Holdings Plc (Astra) *70 acquired BMARC from Oerlikon. The Astra Report records that the acquisition of BMARC by Astra had been originally intended to be completed by the end of October 1987. However the fall in the stock market in October 1987 had prevented Astra from raising the necessary finance by way of a share issue. Instead, in November 1987, Astra entered into a manufacturing agreement with Oerlikon enabling Astra to tender for MOD contracts and acquired from Oerlikon an option to acquire BMARC exercisable within 6 months. In April 1988 Astra exercised the option and the acquisition of BMARC was completed in May 1988. *71 On 5 June 1989 BMARC changed its name to Astra Defence Systems Limited before reverting to the name BMARC on 1 April 1991. *72


To add to Brian’s info, from Wiki:

If it is of any help:
Cases from the 35mm Bushmaster mounted in the danish CV90 IFVs have the headstamp (triangular) 18 (top) OE (lower left) 10 (lower right) Ammunition was claimed to be marked on the crates as made in 2010. Primer has OE-114-10 stamped in. NCO being instructed in their use did not note place of manufacture.

Soren, yes and there is also 2009. We may need to note here that the cases are dark grey instead of the so well known green we knew from Oerlikon in the past.
As Oerlikon belongs to Rheinmetall since 1 January 2009 I assume it could be related to production in Germany - also as the projectile on that case mentioned is a Rheinmetall design and likely made there.

Argentina also got his 35x228 ammo from BMARC, just before the war.