Unknown casing; (SMT 952) = SMI 1952 6.5 Carcano

Found this old bullet case at an old farm site in south east Queensland, Australia
From what I can make out the markings are SMT 952. Not a collector just want to know it’s history and thought I would start here.
Does anyone have any information?
Many thanks.

The marking will be SMI. Italian produced for the 6.5mm Carcano rifle.

Thank you so much for your quick response. That’s fantastic! Thanks again for your help and time.

SMI = Società Metallurgica Italiana. The three numbers at the bottom are the date (minus the first digit).

6.5 Carcano milsurp ammo sold in the1970s and 80s in Australia, along with lots ofM91/38 short rifles very cheaply.
Doc AV

Hello squiddly
can you confirm me the sealed of the primer are blue ? and not violet ?

Was this headstamp also used on the 7.5mm ammo?

Do you mean the 7.35x54 Carcano? If so, yes:


Yes, SMI made M38 7,35x51 ammo, but only in 1938, 39 and 40.
38 and 40 were only part year production; as the new rifle was only approved mid-38;and Italy entered WWII in June 1940, and decided to continue 6,5 production of both the M38 rifles and 6,5 ammo, to avoid re-supply problems of two calibres for the same outward design M38 rifles.

100,000 ( ?70,000) of the 7,35 M38 rifles were sold to Finland ( the Winter War with USSR) along with the 7,35 ammo.
Italy continued making the 6,5 M38 types till 1945, both itself and under German occupation.

Doc AV

I have read before that the original intention was to re-bore worn out 6.5 barrels to 7.35mm.

Is that correct?

Italy was a compulsive scounger where firearmswhere concerned, re-cycling gun parts (stocks, barrels, bolts, etc…) barrels were sleeved (Tubata) or cut short ( 91/24). When the Fucile Corto M38 project was underway, they used long 91 barrels, turned of the ID shank facets to round, removed the forged rear sight bases on the barrels, and bored and re- rifled to normal rifling 7,35.( bore 7,35mm, groove 7,55–7.60mm).
Once they had the process perfected, they made brand new barrels from blanks.

Doc AV.