Unknown charger


I think this ammo does not belong to the chargers. But what are these chargers? Who made them?


This is an M’04 “ohne feder” introduced in 1904 as a simplification of the standard 2 part 7,9x57 Mauser clip of 1898, The first type did without the reinforcing rib along the back but this was changed as the clip wasn’t rigid enough to the type you show that has the rib. This clip was used until the First War when its deficiencies became apparent in action and there was a reversion to the clip with a spring.

These clips were also used by Turkey who made a pretty crude copy, often with rather sharp edges. German made clips of this type were invariably maker marked whilst the Turkish clips are unmarked.

The early clips without a rib are extremely hard to find, most are dug from the 1914 battlefields in East Prussia, later clips with the rib are commonly found made from brass but there are steel ones, again usually in poor condition. The Turkish ones can be found in quantity.



Thanks, Peter. Obviously, mine are Turkish. I did notice extremely crude metal cuts, like the 2nd one you show.
I removed the “foreign” rounds out of the charger without any problem. So what kind of a problem was encountered in WWI that made them go back to the spring containing charger?


I think it was a problem with them not being rigid or strong enough, as well as with cartridges falling out, either when in bandoliers or when stuffed into soldier’s pockets … or maybe the troops just didn’t like them, if there’s no confidence in a piece of kit then it’s best to find something better to replace it with.



I’ve been told by would-be users whose word I trust that they’re good at cutting fingers. Jack


Some different ones.
L-R Brass,Brass,Steel,Steel,Steel copperwashed