Unknown Civil War Pinfire Shotgun Shell 12ga

Hi! Can someone help me try to ID this pinfire shotgun cartridge from the Civil War? I haven’t been able to find out any info about the falling star emblem or the letters (CB?). It’s a 12 gauge.


Cartoucherie Belge

Is this actually a Civil War period cartridge? I think it is, but I am no expert. Thanks!

I may be wrong but I think CB is way past 1860’s Civil war production.
I would like to know when this company was started before it changed to CRB .

Maybe doing this wrong, but in the link posted above is some info about CB and CRB.


You are correct, this is way after US Civil War period.
Cartoucherie Belge was making cartridges from about 1888 until 1899 when it became Cart. Russo-Belge.


The shooting star on the head screams mid 20th century to me. Perhaps CB produced a Comet brand shell.

Here are a few headstamps from CB and CRB.

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The registration of the headstamp was made in 1902