Unknown clip for 6 rounds

This Clip cames from Greece with 6 rounds of 9mm Mauser (9x25mm) on them.
The ammo on the Clip was for the greek mechanized Police Forces and marked Y DWM A 1938
(Y A = Ypourgion Asfalias)

The ammo must be maybe not related for the Clip, but the circumstands I got them makes it possible, that they belong together.
But the Clip I havent never seen before.
It has no spring at the inside, and the ammo is hold pressfit from the rim of the Clip tightfit to the groove of the ammo.
It has 2 tongs lightly upwards on each end to keep the ammo in…
Dims are in the pic.
I am very interested to hear your opinions…
It has nothing to do, with the rare DWM-6 round Clip for the C96 (Mauser 6-Loader pistol), except, that it also holds 6 rounds…


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This clip has caused some debate and … it has to be said, consternation before. It was dealt with in this earlier thread;

… but I’ve never understood how it might be used to load the SMG magazine as there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the clip being forced into the magazine along with the cartridges. If I ever get access to the Leeds Pattern Room again this will be one of the clips I take along with me to see how they might work.

Here’s a more recent composite picture on my own example of this clip;

As for the Greek connection … almost anything is possible !


Hi Peter,

after reading the whole old thread, I believe they really belongs to the ZK383, as they where in this 30 rd boxes pictured by LEW…
The czech writing on the box, and the use of the german style label, and also the use of the blue stripe für “Stahlhülse” (Steelcases) indicates that they where NOT for german army use, but maybe for czech Police use, or for Export (like the Labels for the swedish export a.s.o., also the use of the Letter Z (not the military german code) indicates, that it was fo other use, as for german forces.
So, the Police use, or the export of this boxes are more likely.

In my case, maybe someone sticks this DWM 9mm Mauser ammo in them, because they fit, and as I got this clip in CSR (with the story coming from Greece) it is more than likely, that your old findings, that it is for the ZK383 (or as Herbie said) for the later time ZB47 is correct…

Here again, the box, which LEW posted with the ammo and box and clip:

thx for the link…