Unknown Clips

Please help me identify the following stripper clips:

  1. Steel construction, two bumps on each side, it is longer and flatter than a 7x57 clip.
    Length: 2.466"/62.64mm
    Width: 0.570"/14.5mm
    Width at the bumps: 0.605"/15.3 - 15.5mm
    Length of bumps: 0.254"/ 6.47mm
    Distance between bumps: 0.69"/17.5mm
    Distance from end to bump: 0.615"/15.6mm
    Inner width: 0.419"/10.62mm
    Heigth: 0.177"/4.5mm

  1. Steel construction, two bumps on each side.
    Length: 2.377"/60.38mm
    Width: 0.528"/13.45mm
    Width at the bumps: 0.556"/14.14mm
    Length of bumps: 0.202"/5.15mm
    Distance between bumps: 0.195"/4.97mm
    Distance from end to bump: 0.889"/22.58mm
    Inner width: 0.417"/10.6mm
    Heigth: 0.172"/4.43mm

“DM” clip: standard Deutsche MetallPatronenfabrik Karlsruhe ( part of DWM after 1897); this particular clip is the mauser M93 type Clip (7mm and also 7,65mm cartridges) Mostly for the Latin American trade. The two lugs are for locating the clip properly in a M93, 95 or 96 type clip guide (Mauser).

since you say it is longer and flatter than a 7x57 clip, it may be a 7,65mm clip (Argentine type) but there was great variation between makers and Clip forming machinery…only the width and placement of lugs was critical for the clip guides.

The second clip seems to be for 6,5x54 Gr (Greek) given the extreme narrowness compared to the 7/7,65 type DM clip.
It is distinguished from a M98 mauser clip (7,92) as the M98 clip has 3 (Three) Lugs, to distinguish it from the similar but wider 7 & 7,65 clips.
Also, the outer M98 lugs are at the same position as the two lugs on the M93 etc clips.

Usually, 6,5Gr clips are of a more particular construction…“one Piece” where the spring is part of the main plate. A photo appeared just recently here on this board.
Howevere, I could be wrong here, it may still be a particulr vartiety of a M93 clip or even a M90/91 Mauser clip (these are usually “lug-less”)

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Doc, thanks for your answer!
I thought this one was the 6,5x54 Greek MS clip…lugs are quite differently placed…