Unknown cluster bomblet from Grad - Libya

I almost posted this in the long Libyan munitions thread, but I decided on posting a link there to this thread, and having a separate thread unto itself since mystery munitions are a little more deserving of more attention to ID them.

This comes from a series of articles, and is probably reported on elsewhere about the long and difficult attempt at identifying an unknown cluster munition that is delivered via 122mm Grad rocket. It looks similar to the American M77 used in the M26 MLRS, but that is about all anyone can say. The suspicion is that it is either a Chinese or North Korean rough copy of an M77:








A strange looking fastener on the underside of the lid here?:

The “DQN” marked ones are Chinese. This had been discussed before at the BOCN forum (other sets of images). Why do people ask for help and then do not listen to the answers?

I didn’t know anything about any DQN-marked ones, and I don’t follow BOCN. Has this whole issue been settled then? When I found the most recent article associated with this it was less than months old, so I thought it was still unresolved.

Very nice, DK! I’m just happy to see ORDNANCE threads being posted on the IAA :-)


No problem. I’m certainly not even an ordnance guy, but the type of conflict in Libya, and the volume of photos coming out via camera-phones, reporters, and every other thing made for a great Google treasure hunt. About half of them were “cartridges”, and the rest were a study on Russian, Chinese, North Korean, French, Belgian, and other types of ordnance.

Keep on posting the big stuff, DK :-)