Unknown code 34 Headstamp


A fellow collector send me these pics thinking he had a code 34 Sweden headstamp. But being in 7.62 x 39 caliber I don’t think so. Also notice the red annulus paint, looks similar to that of IK or PPU. Does anyone have an answeer to the manufacturer of this headstamp?
code 34

i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx14 … code34.jpg


I don’t have my files here at work, but basically, it’s not a factory code. Either I, or someone else, will confirm later, but I believe it was a Polish contract for a German police agency. The “34” is some kind of contract code.


I agree with Jonnyc. According to my “7.62 x 39 Master List”, it was made in Poland as a “SPECIAL LOT FOR THE BRANDENBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT”. It is also found with “7.62 x 39 35” headstamp. I do not know if the the “35” contract is also for the Brandenburg Police or for another organization.


The 34 and 35 are lot numbers actually.



a Polish headstamp list says 34 and 35 marks stand for ammo contracts made for German Police. A bit of background for those far away: Germany is kind of federated like Austria, Swizzerland, Canada or the Mexico, Brandenburg being one of 16 states, Sachsen/Saxony being another.

MESKO, Poland undoubtedly supplied 34 marked (lot# or contract#?) ammo to the Brandenburg State Police.

I’m still seeking confirmation for whom the MESKO made ammo marked 35 was made for. The hear-say is, that 35 was the contracted ammo for Sachsen.

It all must have happened in a hurry right after the peaceful DDR revolution, or after unification of Germany when some high-ranking good-meaner found out that the so far used DDR made ammo had primer compositions containing mercury and that he was in responsibility for the health of his own. So the stuff fired between the late 50s and 1989/90 was now banned from use and “volonteers” were searched to supply ammo free from that evil stuff within very short. MESKO was prepared, competitive and was awarded contract.



Hans–Thanks for the more detailed information on the “34” and “35” headstamped rounds. If you ever confirm who the “35” was for, be sure to let me know.


34 was the accpetance lot and 35 was the one delivered for use.

At that time Poland was the only country with CIP certified 7.62x39 and this was the reason they got the contract.

Info from a consultant who was involved into the evaluation of the purchase process.


Excellent Thanks for the information guys, I appreciate it immensely!!!


Just to add to this, the “35” marked cartridge has a lead cored projectile, as opposed to the typical steel cored M-43 type usually associated with Soviet and Warsaw Pact production of this caliber.

Was this projectile type specified in the order?




I’m not getting any younger and forgot. CIP certification and lead core were the other reasons for the procurement.



[quote=“Hans”]EOD and AKMS,

I’m not getting any younger and forgot.


I fear this applies to all of us.


What I am finding intersting is that years ago when did a lot of headstamp research, I was told by Polish Collectors that 35 was confirmed as being made by Mesko for the Brandenburg Police and that 34 was suspect. I was send these two headstamps as samples. One from a gentlemean in Poland, one by a fellow in Germany. Take a look.