Unknown draw stage

Another 50 cent bin find. This looks to me like a .30-06 draw stage. Right?

I’m not sure that they would form a rimmed head on a rimless round?

All? or most cartridges have a rim when drawn to help feed into the various dies to form a case. The rim is removed at the rim turning and trimming stages. I have Australian rimmed 7.62x51 cases before the rim is turned and neck trimmed. Also .50 cal stages.
I hope this is of interest but should be known by most collectors.

Interesting - a friend of mine has a 7.62x51 draw set and none of them have a rim. Must be missing from the set. Thanks for pointing that out.

Here are my 7.62 Rimmed photos.

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I realised I have strayed from the original query. My apology.
I kept this case as an oddity only. A projectile in a case stage.For interest only.

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