Unknown Eley 12 bore cartridge

Hi was wondering if anyone can tell me what this cartridge is for and when it is from thanks

Looks to be a brass 12 gauge sotgun shell. I think this style was only made in two gauges (10 & 12) & it’s reasonably early.

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What does the crimp and wad look like? Might give an extra hint.

Okay thanks here’s some more photos that may help

Yes, Pete is right on the money as far as is known, came in 10 & 12 bore sizes (never seen an 8, 16 or anything smaller with that head stamp), although the 1899 catalogue shows that head stamp against a list that spreads from .410 (thin brass 2") to 8 bore?? Earlier catalogues do not have that particular versions of head stamp. Or maybe its just that none have ever come my way, I am sure somebody will prove me wrong.
I personally have serious doubts about drawings in catalogues, artistic licence has a lot to answer for!!

That’s the 10 bore version.


BTW, they would normally be closed with a crimp type closure, as below.


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Thanks a lot that’s really interesting

My only variation. Both are NPE & the inside primer pockets appear to be the same size.

Out of interest Pete the catalogue states .197 primer (sensitive) which looks like the right hand side of your two, the left one looks seriously larger?

It seems to be the same size as my (only) 10 bore Mike.