Unknown experimental 95x305r casing

Hello everyone,

I posted this on one of the Facebook groups with no luck, but some good suggestions.

I have seen several other examples of these same casings over in Europe, mostly the UK. Some variants had filling plugs in the base along with the primer.

It measures 95x305r, and is made from a cut and necked down 1969 British 105mm tank casing.

The British factory number, RLB lettering and lot number have all been struck out, and a German “DM40” stamped under the British factory number.

The primer well has been completely drilled out and no longer has the American 60% threading and is now smooth.

Most interestingly is the very large device stuck inside the casing. It looks like it would have been held on by the primer but is now loose. It’s made of 6 long U shaped metal “flanges” all connected to a center hexagonal, bolt like shape.

My only theory is some type of experimental gun-launched ATGM missle, much like the Israeli LAHAT or the more modern Russian Refleks ATGM. The flanges inside acting as a standoff for the missile??

Any ideas??

Back in their time (1990s) these have shown up in the scrap metal of Rheinmetall in Germany.

The “HO” sholuld be “Hoffmann”, the metal company that reworked the case.

The “H” logo is also the trademark of Hoffmann-Werke, Lintorf,. bez. Düsseldorf.

Hoffmann Auto-Kabine - 1

Fede, nice! I never looked them up!

Hoffmann-Werke of Lintorf have a very similar logo (lowercase h in a circle) to that of German firearms wholesaler Helmut Hofmann GmbH, founded 1956 in Mellrichstadt, Bavaria.
Note ff versus f in the family names.

Here is the Helmut Hofmann logo for comparison:

Both of those logos are very similar to the stamp on the bottom.

So it seems no-on has ever been able to ID these casings then?? Seems like this project must have been quite large to produce atleast a couple dozen fancy re-worked casings and nothing to show after all these years.

Maybe I’ll have to try making a projectile for it, seeing as I have so much free time now hahaha!

The “h” in the logo in contained with in the circle on the Helmut Hofmann logo but on the Hoffmann Werke the left leg extends out of the circle on the shell and in the advrt posted by Fede. So to my eye undoubtedly Hoffmann Werke.
Seems a good ID to me? Or do you mean what they were exactly for?
I ask not knowing if this was a standard case & just the maker is unknown.

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I agree Pete, the Hoffman Werke one is correct one.

However I would ideally like to ID the casing, it seems no-one actually knows what they were designed / used for, and is an experimental item.

Ah soo thanks.

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It was not my intention to give the impression that in my view a small arms and hunting goods shop would be a plausible contractor to Rheinmetall for doing heavy duty tank ammunition case reforming work. Sorry if I created that impression.
I tried to point out the existence of two very similar logos that both may be encountered in connection with ammunition, but are used by two very different companies.

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Hoffmann (HO) is a long time supplier to the German armed forces.

Could the “DM40” be a clue to anything? Kinda hard seeing as there’s is probably other items in German use with the same designation, but I cannot find anything online.

No, the DM 40 is the designation of the case of the HEP/HESH cartridge in 105x617R for the L7 tank gun.
Means this is what the case was before it was shortened and necked down/reworked into what we see here.

Why is it a British made casing with a German designation? I thought the Germans made all their own L7 ammunition?

They also imported some, that includes the early APDS and the HESH/HEP which were never made in Germany.
Later we replaced these with the APFSDS and HEAT types made domestically.

Ahh okay that’s new information to me.
Maybe some info will pop up one day!

Maybe not all that surprising as the L7 gun was a UK licence and I assume they have bought quite a lot of ammo with the licences. Probably a condition of the contracts back then.

Yes that’s a very good point, I didn’t not think of that!