Unknown FN 7.62 - star stamped


I have been given an handful of unknown to me 7.62x51 FN ammunitions.

The markings are " * F N " and the bullet looks like aluminium. Does anyone know what kind of ammo is it ?

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Hi, it is a short range cartridge for distances up to 1000 meters. Bullet has a plastic core with CuNi clad steel jacket.



Interesting. Sounds like the GDR made 7.62 short range projs.

Did anybody ever cut one?

Can be also a short range ctg up to 400 m. From the outside you can t see the difference, when you pull the bullets you can have one with a flat(1000m)black plastic base, or one with four round plastic Fins (400m) .
You can have them also with red, blue, green and black tip colors. A more roundnose bullet has an alluminium core. Jan

Even more interesting!
Anybody with images of these?

Thank’ s for your patience, I’ m a busy man, will share what I have, but it can take some time.

No difference can be seen but the one marked with 400m has a bullet with the black tails, the one with 1000m only a black plastic core. get them out of the box. Label say β€œ20 cartridges 7.62 with reduced range 1000m / 400m. Hst β€œF N *”. 3 round lacquered steel case " O FN 66” 4 round copper plated steel case β€œO FN 68”
More round nose bullets weight the same as the 2 left rounds (bullets with plastic cores) β€œO FN 62” and β€œO FN 65”
Not so good to see, first black tip, inert round (nickel primer) 212 grain, red tip unloaded no primer 204 grain, right one green tip loaded round 252 grain same weight as the first and second photo, except these with the steel case. These gilding metal clad steel bullets are all three different shape and weight. most left β€œFN 58 O” 326 grain, middle β€œFN 57 O” 257 grain, right one β€œO FN 76” 287 grain. All ctg are loaded and have a strong bullet crimp.

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