Unknown Folberts

I have two Floberts I’m not sure about. Ones a 6mm the other is a 9mm.

The 6mm has a raised “G” Headstamp (Gevelot). The case is slighlty longer then a typical 6mm Flobert (9.22mm /.363 inches). The bullet is much longer than normal and has an unusual wide shallow groove and held in with a heavy segmented crimp. Total cartridge length of 16.65mm (.656").

The second one is a 9mm Flobert with a raised bird headstamp (Braun and Bloem). It has a much longer and heavier 2 grooved lead bullet than normally used in 9mm Floberts. It was presented to me as a “pistol cartridge”.

Any Ideas?


Hi Paul !
are you sure the first one is a Flobert ??

Hello JP,

I have no idea if it’s a Flobert or something else! I just threw it in with my 6mm Floberts because they were the closest thing to it. I was hoping you might have some old Gevelot drawing of it or any example in an old catalog.
Any ideas or guesses???



Hi Paul,
I have sorted only the shot Flobert ctges drawings till now because I need them for my book.
As soon as I have time I will sort the others and if it is post 1880 I will have the answer.

The second round you show is indeed a Flobert. It’s a 9mm with heavy bullet. If you pull the bullet you will probably find the case loaded with black powder (or not). They are listed in some of the later catalogues.

The first is not a Flobert. It falls into the .22 short range with a long or long rifle bullet. I have a couple of these in my collection and they are the same as yours. Long heavy bullet and short case with the raised G (Gevelot) headstamp. I can’t tell you the age but probably around 1900 or slightly earlier. I have not run across them in any catalogue. Perhaps Jean-Pierre may turn up a factory drawing in his search for shotshells.

Thanks for the info!


About the 6 mm Flobert with a ball loading, the case length is always between 6.7 and 7.6 mm depending of the European manufacturer.

“6 mm” Flobert in fact means the family.
Indeed, depending on the order, bullets were manufactured with 5.6; 5.7; 5.8; or 5.9 mm diameter. (I am not talking of manufacturing tolerances!)
If you take a look in the old catalogues or on the old boxes you will see that.
Plus of course the British standard with different dimensions.

All that has been standardised but till now I don’t know the exact date.

Thank you Paul !
here is a drawing showing manufactures with different dimensions (not all !!)

The first one is a round made by Gevelot/SFM but I don’t know if it is a flobert or not.It might be another rimfire cartridge ( My 32 short RF have the same headstamp).The second one is a 9 mm Flobert of german production ( I have a 7 mm Flobert with the same headstamp)