Unknown (for me) 20x139 APDS


Does anyone know who made this 20x139 APDS cartridge.
The projectile looks like the british 30mm APDS RARDEN.




Per the “NWM” part and the IAA headstamp guide, I have a similar 20x139 lised as made by:

Nederlandsche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek NV., "DE KRUITHOORN, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

Would be interested to learn if this is correct!



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NWM:Nederlandsche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek NV., "DE KRUITHOORN, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

= correct.



Keep in mind that this is only the case manufacturer. Here we see a case made for Germany. So the projectile is not necessarily to be atributed to NWM.



Thanks for the confirmation. Now I’d like to exercise my 100 earned points and buy an ID…

This is the similar 20x139 I refered to in response to Michel’s question. Is this an “after market” item or a legitimate dummy? What would the projectile be described as? It seems to be very light in weight.

In regard to EOD’s comment, I was told this is an item of German origin when I aquired it, but didn’t know what to think of what I assumed was a Dutch headstamp. Kind of makes sense now…



Dave your projectile here is the (German Model) DM43 or DM43A1 HVAP-T. If it is so light as you say the tungsten-carbide core is missing. The projectile looks repianted.
It looks much like a fired case combined with an unfired projectile.


This is an API (= Armour Piercing Incendiary) projectile that has been made by Rheinmetall.


This is an HVAPDS (= High Velocity Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) projectile that has been made by NWM.
disassembled form (showing all the parts). pict by Olaf Greve


Gyrojet, your’s is an export version and marked accordingly, not the German one.

For diversity:


EOD it has this markings

20k DM43A1losRH 01
DM 1058


Thanks for your answers.
Actually, I knew the ‘NWM’ code !
My question concern the projectile (who made it) and the cartridge (who assembled it).
I never seen this kind of projectile before except on the 30mm RARDEN APDS.



[quote=“gyrojet”]EOD it has this markings

20k DM43A1losRH 01
DM 1058[/quote]

Yes, off the same production line and then painted in accordance to customers requirements (Germany also made some for the US with according model designations on).


a maverick
your 20mm projectile is look similar at the 20mm MK149 phalanx ammo (same base pusher and same black sabot)


EOD and Gyrojet,

Thanks for the additional info and pictures. At least now I know what my item should look like!



a maverick
your 20mm projectile is look similar at the 20mm MK149 phalanx ammo (same base pusher and same black sabot)[/quote]
the projectile seems different from 20mm MK149 phalanx.