Unknown ( for me) .40S&W cartridges

I recently received a number of .40 S & W cartridges with different tip colors.
I was told that they are made in the USA.
Problably the one with the blue tip is incendiary and the blue tip with red band an incendiary-tracer. The meaning of the other colors was unknown.
Can anyone give me more details on the meaning of the color codes and the manufacturer.
Thanks in advance.

While not able to contribute with anything; thank you for sharing, these look very interesting!

tennsats / Ole

Those are by either ELD Enterprises, or Northern Arizona Munitions, or a combination of the 2. I know that item 2 is a sky burst tracer typically associated with ELD. The red tip is a red tracer, white tip is a white “daylight” tracer, green is a green tracer, blue is incendiary, and blue/red is incendiary tracer. Guessing early to mid 2000’s vintage on those ones, but both specialty loaders still produce ammo like this today.

I don’t think up to the quality of Northern Arizona Munition’s work, judging from the color tips.

I think Hi-Vel used to buy these from either N.A.M. or ELD and repack them in variety packs, and I think ELD did this as well. I was thinking the blue/red Incendiary-tracer and purple skyburst were ELD for sure, and they probably all are.

Thanks for the information. I understand there would also a smoke variant. Can anyone confirm that. And if so what tip color should it have??


I hadn’t heard or seen of any “smoke tracer” per-se, but the skyburst variety with the purple tip would explode at a preset distance with a flash of smoke and sparks.

I have a purple tip that was made by Clark’s Custom Cartridge of Kentucky and it is suppose to be a Incendiary, in a Winchester case.

Those ones from Clark’s Custom are a newer (since 2010 roughly) product where he chose purple tips to stand out, as if to imply a greater effect than typical blue tips. His are like super-incendiary loads, but not fused bursters.