Unknown French(?) Medium Caliber Gun & Cartridge Circa 1917

A question about the identification of a gun and associated cartridge shown in a short WW1 (circa 1917) French movie (video) of a weapons test/demonstration; shown at the 2 minute mark in the movie: cnc-aff.fr/internet_cnc/Inte … 43850.html

Here is an image captured from the movie, it shows individual cartridges being loaded by hand for single shot firing of the gun-

Enlarged portion-

Is this French?


A precursor for the 13mm Hotchkiss?

Any info, guesses are welcomed!


Brian, very interesting video, thanks for sharing.

This is a French Delaunay-Belleville machine gun tested during 1918-19 and its chambered for the rare 20 x 115 SR Delaunay-Belleville round.



Brian, thanks for sharing this!
Fede, did these cartridges have the projectile seated very deep? The OAL looks already close to 155mm.
@ all:

  • are any images or drawings available of this cartridge?
  • anybody to ID any of the other weapons and calibers/cartridges?

Alex, sorry, case length is 115 mm and overall length was around 158-166 mm.

Ah, ok!


WOW! That was a fast ID! Thanks very much.


I wonder if the gun shown in the movie, pictured below, is firing the French 37 x 202mmR cartridge, pictured & discussed here: bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/4 … r-loadings

As Alex asked earlier, does anyone have a picture of the 20 x 115 SR Delaunay-Belleville cartridge?


here is an article from my friend J. Barlerin


Great info Jean-Pierre! Thanks a lot!

Seconded - excellent info! I’ve heard of this one before, but not seen the drawing.

The gun appears to have been automatic rather than semi-automatic - is there any info about the rate of fire?


Thank you for posting the information on 20 x 115mm SR Delaunay Belleville.


In the IAA bulletin #441/6 is also an article about the 20x115 cartridge.


Thank you for pointing this out!

IAA Journal #441 (January/February, 2005) pages 4 to 9; The French 20 mm Delaunay-Belleville Machine Gun and its Cartridge by Philippe Regenstreif. Complete with a picture of the cartridge.


I have IAA back numbers on disk up to No. 400, and on my computer from around 470 onwards, but can’t find the ones in between…


Email sent.


Many thanks, Brian!