Unknown "Fuze Cover"?

A friend has asked for assistance in the identification of an item he obtained that was described to him as a German plastic fuze cover for a large artillery shell. See attached photos:

Hight is approximately 9.75 inches or approximately 250mm

Diameter is approximately 5.875 inches or approximately 150mm.

The only marking, the number 204, is electrical penciled on the inside, see photo below:

So does anyone know what this is?

Any assistance would be most appreciated.



Brian, no exact answer now but I would rule out artillery as in the caliber of about 150mm such a cap would be destroyed (transport/handling) before it would get near the gun.
Also the cap should have something like threaded section then.
The “204” looks much like US/UK hand writing.

German bakelite parts normally all had a factory id (letters or the so-called “plastic codes”).

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