Unknown gauge


What is this? Anyone in Cheyenne, Wyoming?


Vlad, having reloaded for 52 years kind of remember Ed’s made many different reloading stuff. Looks like either an adjustable case or loaded round length gauge.


Vlad, pulled out some of my old Handloaders Digest. In second edition (1964) here’s the scoop. Quote from the book. FULL ED’Z Cartridge gauge. Features a sliding gauge block that indicates the best possable seating depth of all shapes and lengths bullets, as well as the maxium over-all cartridge and case length. Made for all popular cartridges. The gauging of two calibers is permitted with the reversable gauging block,which can be obtsined in any combination. Complete for any two calibers $11.50 post paid. Extra two caliber gauging blocks are $5.88 postpaid. Boy for the good old days!!



Ed’z also made a variety of other reloading tools, including one of the better case trimmers that is, alas, no more. Your gauge is probably on the verge of being a collectors item if it has not already reached such status. So don’t toss it even if you cannot use it.