Unknown Gerlich type projectile


I was given this projectile recently, with minimum details. Apparently, it is dated to early post-WW2 period. it is also hollowed from the rear, so it possibly was sort of rocket / caseless round.
Does anybody have any more details on it?


This is a reproduction of the Czechoslovak 9mm caseless squeeze bore projectile.

Maxim, this is a Czechoslovakian design by famous J. Holeček. The projectile has an initial diameter of 9 mm and an exit diameter of 7.2 mm.

Thanks, gentlemen!

where can I find more details on this projectile and the gun which was developed to fire it?

UPDATE: a bit of Google-fu brought me to… sample IAA journal at cartridgecollectors.org/document … ournal.pdf which has more or less what I wanted to know at page 18.