Unknown German 7.9

This is the box label from a rare experimental German 7.9 . Does any one know what it is ?


According to the label the box contained modified s.S. cartridges with a different propellant load which matched the ballistics of regular 7.92x57s.

When I acquired the 7.9 collection that started me on the road to collecting them, there were two rounds in the collection along with a photo of the identical box CSAEOD shows - when I say identical, I mean the exact same box. The label wear is identical in my own picture. They are an s.S. ball with green primer seal and an S.m.E. round with red primer seal, both without headstamp but with normal crimped primer, and just the very tip of the bullet removed showing the core. They are supposedly from this experiment, although I don’t have the foggiest idea what the experiment was about. Since then, I have acquired a steel-cased round with no headstamp, no primer crimps and no primer seal, but with the tip of the bullet clipped similarly. If they weren’t without headstamp, somewhat scarce other than the s.S. ball type, I would think they were just the work so some guy trying to make hunting loads out of them. I don’t know if the steel-cased round relates to the other two rounds or not. Sorry, but that’s all the infromation I have that MIGHT pertain to this box. The party I got the collection from traded with some of the top collectors and knew Bill W. very well. In fact, my first trip to Bill’s home in Tucson was with this chap and another 7.9 collector, Buck Squires, too many years ago to remember. I actually have both their collections, although I have tripled the two of them together since obtaining them. Bill W. may have more information on this.

It says: 1 original sample cartridge and 14 re-worked s.S. cartridges with 2.85 gramme charge Nz (nitrocellulose?). Re-filled for the same purpose as originals.