Unknown German codes


Hello everybody I’m a new IAA member from Italy (this brings the number of italians members to the impressive figure of 4!!). i’m collecting since I was 16 and I’m actually not “specialized” on any particular caliber and/or type of cartridge: I collect only metallic cases (it’s easier due to Italians laws) with or without bullet, with the above limit of 40 mm caliber.
Now, going to the reason of this post, I’ve found two WWII German codes which are not listed on any of my reference books (i.e. they are not even listed as “unknown”) and I’m asking if anyone can give me some info about them.
a) code P341 found on 3,7 cm Pak36 dated 1938
b) code P223 found on 3,7 cm Flak 18 dated 1940
Any help?
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341 - August Enders AG, Oberrahmede / Lüdenscheid
223 - Sächsische Metallwarenfabrik, August Wellner Söhne AG, Aue.

The P-codes were provided to manufacturers of ammunition products in order to disguise them as being made by Polte §.

There is an excellent book by Michael Heidler on German ordnance codes.
'Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945’
ISBN-13: 978-3-9811918-7-4
ISBN-10: 3-9811918-7-4


Thanks a lot Vlim, your help has been very much appreciated!