Unknown German Gauge Maker Symbols

A friend directed me to a post on the BOCN that included quite a few gauge maker symbols I had not seen, The image below was submitted by a Czech member of the BOCN. It includes the GR logo.

The list of gauges in the original post were all 9mm Chamber Gauges, but I welcomed other gauges and makers anyone wanted to post.

This BOCN post included the following image:

This list includes a lot of maklers not resented above. If I cut and pasted these additional logos, would you be willing to help with the identification???

Please let me know.


Number 17 is the “GR” symbol I inquired about, to no avail so far. If seen totally out of context, I would simply say it is Georg Roth A.-G., but that, once again, does not make any sense to me on the gauge I have it on, which it undated but is for the P-38 Pistol, which means it cannot be any earlier than 1938.

I asked before if anyone knew of any G.Roth factory that retained that name after the acquisition of the Roth Company c.1930 by Mandl, and I ask it again here, of if anyone knows of another company, probably a tool-making factory, that used that trademark.

John Moss

The administrators of the Fertigungskennzeichen in some cases assigned blocks of codes to similar producers. One of them is the gauge-maker block starting with fqx (Abawerk, Augsburg) through frl (F. Keilpart, Messwerkzeugfabrik, Suhl).
In this block, there is code frg for “Georg Reicherter, Messgeräte, Esslingen”. I think this is a candidate for the GR logo. A caveat is that their (post-war?) logo is very different, but on the other hand much too complex to be used on cartridge gauges. I will show a specimen tomorrow.

Added 2020-10-07: Here is the logo used on Hardness-testers and the like:
As I wrote above, I think it is too complex to be used on small arms gauges. Therefore it could be they used a different logo for this purpose.

The following codes, GR, JER and Maho

are identified from:

As are the newly added, unknown Markers Logos above.

My thanks to Pepant who initiated the bocn thread and to those who participated.

I have rearranged tnis Topic to expand it to non-9mm gauges and entered 22 new Makers Logos curtesy of Pepant. Many thanks!


Hi Lew,

“ABECO” is A. Benecke & Co., Berlin.

“RWCo” is Richard Weber & Co., Berlin.



Looking at the link, I find three different possible meanings of the “GR.” I could not find anything that pinned it down positively to one meaning. Am I missing something?

John Moss

I just received a Trademark Directory developed by the Small Tool Museum by Wolfgang Jordan-more on that later.

This is an amazing document and it includes the following entry
GR entwined in a square = G. Rauchfuß, Berlin-Pankow

I will use it today and tomorrow to try to fill in the names of as many of the gauge makers as possible.


that’s great Lew! Finally a definitive answer. It is a wonder that they used the almost identical symbol as G. Roth, but by 1938, when my P-38 gauge was made, the G. Roth firm of Austria (and J. Roth of Hungary - the same name just in Hungarian form) were gone for half a decade or more, and perhaps the marking was no longer a protected trade-mark.

Sounds like an interesting book. Is it sold in America?

John Moss

Your answer: the G. Roth firm of Austria (and J. Roth of Hungary - the same name just in Hungarian form

John, Jiri Roth was NOT in Hungary…it was the austrian Hungarian Empire, but this included also Tschechien and Slovakia (today), including the Pressburg Factory of Jiri Roth…

Peter - thanks for reminding me. I was just trying to indicate why there were two names - I have met folks who thought they were different people, brothers or the like. I know it then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but frankly, had forgotten that what became Czechoslovakia was part of it, and the J. Roth company was there. Sorry about that.

I am going to cut back on my answers on the forum. Age is making it difficult for me to run up and down the stairs between my computer and my library, and my memory for details is starting to be atrocious. I am making too many errors of omission and commission.

I do appreciate the correction. It is important to keep the record straight.



This post will provide more information on the References.

References 1 and 2 are the posts on two forum sights and for a Logo will include the post number to make finding the actual information easier.

Reference 3 Below is a downloadable .pdf of Reference 3, Wolfgang Jordan, Small Tool Museum, Trademark Directory: Taken from the book ‘Die Deutsche Werkzeugindustrie’ [ DWI ] (1942)

German tool manufacturers & dealers- marks.pdf (1.6 MB)

Im sending some photo how i ID some of gauges. (i can upload only one so i chose this one)

A lot of gauges have WL “number” im not sure what it means but i quess it is number of gauge.
Questions are welcomed.

Received the trademark book mentioned above and identified a number of additional maker codes, Still a long way to go!

Any help appreciated.