Unknown German WWI P08 Box


The box pictured below came to me a couple of years ago. Apparently three were found together, all identical. The box itself is blue gray with the typical steel reinforcements along the two bottom edges. The lable is blank and is a light bluish-tan color. The label is unusual in that it wraps around the ends of the box. There is no under label.

The bullet is a normal ogive 124gr (8g) magnetic (sorry the tip is cut off in the photo) This would indicate manufacture probably around 1916 (although RM S used this bullet in late 1918, MW used it in mid-1917 and Geco used it in 1917 & 1918). It is possible these are post war loads from the period immediately after WWI.

An advanced European 9mmP collector offered the opinion that they look like MW production. I don’t have an opinion on who made it except it is clearly WWI period German.




I just got the following information from the German collector who gave me the box in the original post.

He got the two other boxes (Pictured below) from the same individual at the same time he got the unmarked box I posted.

The top box is dated April 1917 both containes unheadstamped ammunition identical to those in my (and his) unmarked box. The lower box, also from April 1917 contained headstamped MW 3 17.

The question becomes, “why was MW making unheadstamped ammo in 1917 and packing it in unmarked boxes???” The unheadstamped ammo in the marked box could be production overrun that was packed for the German Army.