Unknown grips

I found some grips made by VALTRO
Has anybody for which gun it is?

And these ones also please

J-P - The grips you show at the top have the trademark of Valtro USA, Inc., of 1281 Andersen Drive, San Rafael, Claifornia 94901. They are tied into the firm of Valtro Stocchetta S.r.L., Via Italia 76, 25060 Villa Carcina (BS), Italy. The grips, judging from the relieve cuts at the top read, the position of the magazine catch relief cut, and the positions of the two grips screws, may be for some form of the Browning/Colt M1911 style of pistol. Valtro of California, as late as 2002, sold a pistol the called the Model 1998A1 .45 ACP Custom 1911-style Pistol. They only show it, though, with the checkered wood “slab” grips usually associated with the Model 1911 clones. The grips you have may be from an Italian version. I would contact Valtro in Italy for information.

I know nothing about the other grips you show except that the shape is faintly reminiscent of the CZ 75 or one of the many clones of that gun. It might not even be for that.

could they come from a blank pistol model made by Valcro of Brescia (Italy)?
they make a lot of blank pistol models too

Pivi - I don’t know. I have some literature from their American “partner” but I don’t have any literature at all from the Italian firm of Valtro. Wish I did!

thank you very much

J-P, the guys at http://www.gunboards.com would probably be able to help you identify these.

The top stocks look more like Beretta 92F models to me. I do agree that the lower stocks belong to a CZ-75.

if it is true,they belong to some blank model pistol.

Now that I know that Valtro in Italy makes the replica pistols. I am inclined to agree with Daniel, and then Pivi also. I am not into Double-Action autos and had not thought about the Model 92 Beretta series having two grip screws. Being for something similar to a real 92 Beretta would explain the cut out for the slide stop at the top of the grip. I don’t think it is for a real Beretta though, as the lower grip screw hole seems to be too low, compared to that in the the almost full-sized picture I am looking at in the 2008-2009 Beretta Catalog. The newest rendition of the Model 92, the 90-Two Beretta, seems to eliminate these grip screws altogether.

My first thought that they were for a 1911 type came from the fact that it is all that Valtro USA offered in a handgun. On retrospect, I am sure I was dead wrong.

This is my beretta 92 blank.Altough it is a replica you can see that its grips are identical to the real ones

Pivi - looks like it is NOT for the Valtro 92 copy, as they copied even the placement of the grip screws. I search the internet and found some video of someone shooting a Valtro copy of the Beretta 8000 9mm. It looks to me like that is what it is for. It uses the same basic form of grip as the 92FS, but shaped somewhat differently and with different placement of the two attaching screws. Also, the one on the vido (very bad photography) appear to have the Valtro trademark on it, which your “92” grips don’t.

My last try on this. Can’t apare any more time on the subject.

I agree.
My replica is made by BBM not valcro.It was only an example to show how replica grips are almost identical to the real one

Regardless, due to hole spacing, general shape, etc., the grip looks more like one for the Beretta Model 8000 Cougar than for the Model 92 in any of its variations.