Unknown H/S on a 30-06

Does anybody know this headstamp?
L dot C over 30-06

There was a small sticker on the case saying Lake City Hungary 150 gr FMJ,
but he cartridge itself seems to be a reload


I’m pretty sure it was made by MFS back in 1998. A similar round showed up in 9x19 with the headstamp “LC 9x19”. It was packed in the box pictured below. The round has a brass, non-mag bullet, Ni primer and a red pa.


I agree with Lew. It was made by Matravideki Femmuvek Sirok (MFS) of Hungary. I believe there was only one delivery of this ammo - then, it seems, the “Lake City” company, a private firm with no relation to U.S. Army Ammunition Plant at Lake City despite the military-match looking box Lew showed, went under.

I can’t speak for anything but auto pistol, but also made with the LC headstamp was 9 x 18 mm Makarov, .40 S&W and .45 Auto, along with the 9 mm Luger already mentioned by Lew.

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It seems that after John’s additions the only headstamp missing is L C 7,62 NATO. Contrary to what the box label show, the “Lake City” brand was never a registered trademark; it was applied on April 9, 1998 by S. L. Brygider (ex-president of Bingham, Ltd. of “Exploder” ammunition fame) and abandoned on October 1, 1999.

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I just checked my files and find I have several price lists of the Lake City Brand ammunition, One caliber has not been mentioned here yet, and that is 7.62 x 39. I am not qualified to say whether or not any of that caliber was delivered, but it is on their price list. Just to put them all in one place, along with some added information, I will list them all below. All calibers were boxer-primed and in brass cases except for 7.62 x 39, which is shown as being steel-case, Berdan primed. On one of the three price lists I have, all from 1998, the 7.62 NATO is shown as being steel-case, Boxer primed, but the other price lists show it as brass-case. Since it is shown on ALL as Boxer-primed, I am assuming the “steel-case” shown on one of them for this caliber was in error. The calibers below are shown with their bullet weights and their Index Number:

46000 9 x 18 (Makarov) FMC (Ball) 95-grain

46005 9 x 19 (Luger) FMC (Match) 124 grain

46002 .40 S&W FMC (Ball) 180 grain

46003 .45 ACP FMC (Match) 230 grain

46004 7.62 x 39 mm FMC (March 126 grain

46001 7.62 NATO FMC (Match) 150 grain

46006 .30-06 FMC (Match) 150 grain

They are shown in the same order and with the same description as that on the price list I choose to copy.

Hope this is of some assistance and interest.

I have many LC 7,62 NATO cases at home. They are all brass

Pivi - are you speaking of the commercial firm of Lake City, a name I don’t know how they got permission to use, or are you speaking of cases made the the Army Ammunition Plant at Lake City. If your cases are date, they are from the military plant. The commercial round from the civilian firm, which has/had no relationship to the Army Ammunition factory, has the caliber rather than the date on the headstamp. Also, it will have an uncrimped, nickel primer cup.


I am speaking about commercial production.

Brass cases, nikeled boxer primer with red sealant around it, headstamped " L C 7,62 NATO "

These were in fact made by MFS Hungary and marketed in the USA by Armscor USA, Baltimore, MD.

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Am I the only one who sees the irony in using the word “Match” for the cartridges listed?


Fede, I just spoke to a guy who has worked the gun business here in Atlanta for a long time off and on. He knew Sandy Brygider, and worked for one of the companies that Brygider was involved with soon after Brygider left. Apparently Brygider was very controversial. He told me that Brygider went to prison for some of his dealings about 1999. This probably explains why the Lake City brand was so shortlived. I agree with John M that it showed up and then disappeared right away.

One man’s story, but it does seem to fit.

Brygider seems to still be in the business! Following found on internet.


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Cartridge Corner, Note that this is NOT Armscor, but Armscorp. I think they are two different things.