Unknown headstamp ID



This round surfaced last week in an attack on a conservancy in Kenya. 7.62x39mm.

Absolutely stumped. Stamp looks like KDFS, which kinda sorta corresponds to KDF as in Kenya Defence Forces, but Kenya Ordnance Factory Corp headstamps KOF, produces brass cased ammo only as far as I’m aware, and absolutely doesn’t make x39. I cannot find any corresponding headstamp, or anything close, anywhere.


Interesting to see!
Could you reproduce the hs here in written please?

Were you able to allocate any projectiles which would belong to this case?
Are images available?


Sorry, that’s the only pic I have atm. Will try and source better, but the guys that took it have a lot on their plates this week. Looks like it reads KDFS 20A15 to me but that corresponds to absolutely nothing known. It could also read KOFC as in Kenya Ordnance Factory Corp as said that’s not their headstamp.

Copper washed steel and red lacquer sealant suggests eastern bloc to me, but???


Actually this is most likely copper clad steel rather than copper washed.
We know several countries making such cases like Luwero Industries (Uganda) or MIC (Sudan) just to name those on the African continent.
The manufacturer does not neccessarily have to be KOF of Kenya.
If the investigations are official it will be certainly easy to get a statement from KOF then.

It would be good to get more or at least as much as possible info/images on this one.



This headstamp reads “KOFC” and was indeed made by/for Kenya Ordnance Factory Corp. Their usual headstamp was “KOF”, but it seems that they have changed to this new style in a recent date. Also, they started manufacturing/offering this caliber sometime after 2010.

I forgot to mention that their lot numbers were identified as “KOFC” before this headstamp style showed up.




Fede, do you happen to know how the 6h pos will read correctly?
2DA 15
20A 15

On their website KOF still has no 7.62x39 listed. Are they making brass cases then?


Alex, I’m not sure about the lower marking of this one.

Regarding their website, this caliber is only mentioned here: http://www.kofc.co.ke/ammon.html




Fede, thanks so much. Unfortunately the answer I was both expecting and didn’t want 😂 I had missed the mention of x39 on their page, so thanks for that too.

My guess at the headstamp was 20A15, as in lot 20A of 2015… but that’s just a guess.


You guys nailed it as usual! I have a9x19mm brass case headstamped KOFC 01A05 and I agree with Flashman that this is likely the lot and year. The letters are tall and thin like the 7.62x39 illustrated.


Fede, thanks for finding the entry!
Ok, who is going on vacation to Kenya?


Check reloaded ammo. I have 4 different headstamps with dates from 2002 to 2005. They all came from ARES reloaded ammo. Clearly someone if Kenya is/was selling the fired empties.



Lew, and you are the only one who knows exactly that I was not referring to 9x19.


Well, I’m not going there on vacation, but…




But when you are there crawling around the shooting range looking for 7.62x39s, don’t leave any 9x19s behind when you leave! they don’t weigh much and don’t take up much space!


But… I’ll be back there shortly.


Lew, and I wondered already why people do think that I am researching 9x19s…
…and .22s, and cal.4s, and… and…

Flashman, I’ll send you a pack of super glue you can put on the underside of your shoe soles then!


I will send you a batch of keychains. You can glue the case on the end of the chain and it is no longer ammo but a keychain. I have one case that came out of Cambodia on a leather cord as jewelery. Lots of opportunities.



Sounds good Lew… gotta find something productive to do with all those cases people thoughtfully keep distributing ;)