Unknown headstamp-L.G. on 7.65B

I have a .32 7.65 Browning automatic pistol cartridge with the following headstamp
L.G. at top
7.65 at bottom
This headstamp is listed as unknown in White and Munhalls Cartridge Headstamp Guide on page 140 # 1236.
Who made and in what other calibers?
Bob Ruebel

Jorion & Regenstreif also list it as unknown and in only that case type.

For what ever that is worth.

I have this on a 6.35 Browning.

Any idea who manufactured?
What L.G. means?
Bob R.

I have a similar round with M.G., for Marcel Gaupillat (I think). Was there a brother?

“Legion Gendarmerie” ??

Per M. Beutter, he has a 12 mm PF with a raised dot LG headstamp with the following information.
Gunmaker L. Ghaye of Liege was owner of this raised trade-mark representing his initials. Mentions already in 1850 he worked at the same address as later was used by Cartoudherie Russe-Belgee.

That’s interesting news to me. Here’s what I have on L. Ghaye:

Lambert Ghaye was a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) (later Lieutenant ??) in the Belgian Army. He invented a number of rifle, carbine and revolver designs commencing with a slide gun rifle c1865.

In 1888 he designed a model using a metal cartridge, that had a trigger guard lever similar to the Winchester. He patented a Sporting Carbine design sometime before 1900. This carbine was chambered for the two unique calibres:

9mm Ghaye Carbine (FR27) and
12mm Ghaye Carbine (FR29)

SFM was the only company which produced ammunition for his weapons, which were short lived : c1895-1910.

It was common for SFM to produce cartridges for gunmakers with their own trade-mark. However, his 9mm and 12mm Carbine cartridges are only known without hs. It would seem strange that he had these produced but never used his trademark although clearly the “L.G.” hs on the AP cartridges was used after 1890.

Something is not quite right here. I wonder if there were two uses of the “LG” hs or two different L. Ghaye’s ??

There is some more on Ghaye: