Unknown headstamp on 7.62 x 51

I just bought a bag of 7.62 x 51 ment for shooting, but while going through the bag, I found a few rounds with this headstamp:


No color on the bullet, the rounds looks just like ordinary ball. Any idea of who and when these where made?

Hi PSG1,

These cartridges are of Iranian origin. Unfortunately, I know nothing more than this. Sure someone else can give you the name of the factory and the year of manufacturing :-)


Thanks for your reply, I didn’t even know that they were Iranian. Interesting. Looking forward to learn more about these. I guess one is ball, and the other tracer, since they got different color marking?

Municion.org has only 1 Iranian headstamp in this calibre and it is different from yours. You may want to e-mail yours to webmaster@municion.org and Jordi (the webmaster) will provide you with an answer.

Thanks for your advice. I will do so, and post the reply here. Thanks.

These are definately Iranian. I’m told the symbol on the top identifies them from the early days of the Iranian Islamic Republic.

Check out diomil.ir which is the web site of the Defense Industries Organization, part of the Iranian government. This is what it says about current ammunition production:

“Ammunition & Metallurgy Industries Group (AMIG) is the largest industrial group of Defense Industries Organization (D.I.O) which is in charge of producing a wide range of ammunition from small arms up to large caliber artillery ammunition covering both western and eastern standards. Having more than seven decades of experience in manufacturing military products, AMIG has met the requirement of domestic and international markets in supplying any type of conventional ammunition as well as all components thereto. AMIG, composing of 8 subsidiaries located in different cities of Iran is utilizing modern technology, sophisticated machineries and equipment as well as specialized personnel to manufacture qualified products in both military and non military field. This has led AMIG to achieve various certificates in ISO and other international standards. AMIG products include:Small Arms,Medium Caliber,Mortar Bombs Tank & Anti Tank,Filled Artillery and Cargo”

The Part of the DIO that manufactures Small arms ammunition has their website at iramig.ir.

John Moss sent me the following:
"The main factories seem to be at Parchin, and are part of Parchin
Chemical Factories (PCF). The small arms and ammunition plant at Parchin was established there in 1939. Parchin Chemical Factories is part of a group called SASAD (Sazemane Sanaye Defa). The make all kinds of explosives and other chemical products. "

The date on these headstamps looks like “63” to me. I’m told that the Iranian date of 1365 is 1986 in the West so these cartridges would be dated 1984. Iran had it’s revolution in 1979 so these would have been made just about 5 years after the Shah fell.

I’m sure others can add more.


Just found what I was looking for. The following is from a real expert in Iranian headstamps!

At the top is the emblem of the Islamic republic of Iran and is a graphical composition of
لا اله الا الله ( the Arab Muslim’s motto ) . at 9 o’clock 63=84 is the year of production . at 3 the letter ص (Saad)
stands for صنايع ( Organization ) .
at 6 the letter د ( Daal ) stands for دفاع ( defense )

So it was produced by the Defense Industries Organization in 1984.

Wow, I’m impressed. Thanks for helping me with this information.

psg1, do you have sufficient rounds with the red primer annulus to pull one and check if it is a tracer load? I also have a selection of these Iranian headstamps and most have the green p.a. but I do have just one with a red p.a. I hadn’t considered the possibility of it being a tracer load and would be delighted to find out!

I agree with Lew’s information.

Defense Industries Organization, Tehran.
The word (SaaS), short for Saazmaan-e-e Sanaye’ Dafa (Defense Industries Organization)

I already got reply from Jordi, I sendt the mail before Lew’s answer:

[i]Hi Thor!!!

I think the first hedstamp is
at 12 Iranian republic arms
at 9 62 ? = 1983
at 3 headstamp with no known signification. Perhaps number 9
at 6 ? = lot number

I think the first hedstamp is
at 12 Iranian republic arms
at 9 63 ? = 1984
at 3 headstamp with no known signification.
at 6 ? = lot number?

Image of “Culots de munitions” S.Jorion and P.Reggenstrief.
I’m not sure with dates and my only contact in Iran is missing.

Best regards !!![/i]

About pulling a bullet, I got two of those with red primer annulus, but before I pull it, I’ll check some more with some fellow collectors here in Norway. Don’t like to deactivate ammunition…

The interpretation of the symbol at the top of the headstamp is interesting. An Iranian neighbor of mine some years ago looked at one of these headstamps I showed him and without hesitation translated it simply as “God” (Allah), and pointed out that the symbol is in the middle of the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is interesting the different interpretations you get from some written languages for symbols like these.

john Moss

John–I hate to dispute your Friend but at least 5 sites on the Web say the the emblem in the center of the Iranian flag (Adopted 29 July 1980) is a highly stylized composite of various elements representing different facets of Islamic life: Allah, the Book, the Sword, the five principles of Islam, balance, unity, neutrality, and the universal government of the downtrodden.

So, Allah is only part of the meaning.

A tracer has a very different ogive, much fatter, it has also a red tip which faded of easy. Jan

Some additional 7.62x51mm Iranian headstamps from my collection

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

Cartridge 11 is a pre-Revolution red tipped tracer - GMCS bullet with a milled jacket cannlure.

With regard to Jan’s comment, there is marked difference in ogive between cartridge 2 and 11. I don’t think the PA color has significance, but I may be wrong.

Case 7 is interesting. It has no fire hole, the rim has been ripped of on one side and it appears to have been fired-formed in a fluted chamber. One theory put forward is that it’s the result of a cook-off from a H&K G3 or equivalent after the cartridge misfired because of the blind primer pocket - anyone have any other thoughts?

Dave S

Here are some more variations of Iranian 7.62x51mm headstamps - if only to remind myself how to post a picture!

Ron - I have no idea what it means - I don’t read Farsi. All I can do was report how an educated, Iranian native-born Farsi speaker translated it for me. I did not say he was right, and in fact mentioned that to me, it is interesting that so many languages are interpreted so many ways by people, including those that speak them. Try having someone fluent in the language but who knows nothing about ammunition translate a Japanese or Chinese box label, or for that matter, a large-text Arabic box like some of the Syrian boxes. It actually borders between being sad and hilarious.

John Moss

I once fired some Arabic marked 7.62x51mm and it had black primer sealant and what looked like a large stylized crown. I was wondering if this was Iranian. Sadly I didn’t save a sample of the fired cases.


You are correct that the 7.62x51 With the crown in the headstamp was Iranian. This would have been made during the reign of the last Shah, before the 1979 revolution.