Unknown headstamp on 7.62 x51?


A posting on another forum describes a 7.62 x 51 case with the headstamp BeLL at 12 o’clock and 7.62 at 6 o’clock. Case is boxer primed with a ringed in nickel primer and red PA.

The BeLL is capital B, lower case e, capital LL.

Can anyone id this headstamp?

Dave S


I presume that you have ruled out the possibility that the case was made by B.E.L.L. (Brass Extrusion Laboratories, Ltd.)?



The BeLL headstamp is MAST Technology Inc, the descendant of BELL, Brass Extrusion Laboratories Ltd.

Don’t know about the 7.62. Unless it was originally a basic case. I’m sure others will be able to answer.



Thanks - can you provide a reference linking BeLL to MAST Technology Inc eg a box? I surfed the web but couldn’t find anything. I know it’s being picky but I try to have a definite link between headstamp and manufacturer.

Dave S


Dave S

I’m afraid I can’t help you with a direct link between MAST and BeLL



This link pretty much tells the story: bellammo.com/history.htm

There really is not a corporate link between BELL and MAST, they are or were seperate companies. There is a human link, as Jim Bell founded both companies.