Unknown headstamp on 7mm Mauser


Hi all,

I’ve come across a 7mm Mauser round which I am having problems identifying. Below are pictures of the headstamp and side view compared to another 7mm Mauser round. The overall length is longer than the normal at 3.14 inches. The headstamp reads S B 18 O 95. Any help is much appreciated.



P.S. I hope the pics are visible. This is my first time as I don’t have access to the test area.


Sorry, cannot see any immages.

You could try “photobucket.com


DM 7x57 Mauser headstamp with an O

This is Santa Barbara, factory Lugones (Oviedo),Spain,1895

DM 7x57 Mauser headstamp with an O

Thanks for the info Mechanik.

I have edited the post to show the url’s instead of the images. I don’t know why they won’t work.


Copy and paste the 4th line of code (“IMG Code”)

DM 7x57 Mauser headstamp with an O