Unknown headstamp

11.15 x 57R Spanish
Who made this headstamp
Bob Ruebel

Arsenal de Guerra, Buenos Aires. From Steinhauer’s headstamp guide.


United States Cartridge Co. contract load.

Hi Bob, the cartridge case was manufactured by the USCCo without a headstamp and in 1894 it was reloaded (bullet, powder and primer) by the Taller Nº. 7 of the Arsenal de Guerra of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other cases were left unheadstamped and others headstamped A G, A G 93 and A G 95.

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[quote=“dak21”]Arsenal de Guerra, Buenos Aires. From Steinhauer’s headstamp guide.

Yes USC Co contract. Forgot to include that in the listing…will be included in the next update.

Curtis, this is not a USCCo contract for Argentina but a standard unheadstamped .43 Spanish Remington made by that company. The “A G 94” marking was made in Argentina.

Thanks Fede
I appreciate it, my info had it as contract but this makes sense with the poor and often uncentered marks on these head stamps. Thanks my friend, you are always such a wealth of information.