Unknown headstamp

Another find in St. Louis to be identified.
VDB . 1994/WA
Kangaroo Pic NURNBERG Kangaroo Pic
Bertram Bullet Co?
Dont know if this was a cartridge show peice?
Measures close to a 577NE or 600NE 3 inch

The 'roos do sound like Bertram production, but I’m not familiar with the rest. Can you post a pic?

Yup, Bertram 'roos, but can’t tell you anything about the rest, sorry.

Just found out from Lou in Montana that
VBD is short for
Verband Deutscher Buchsenmacher Und Waffenfachhandler e. V.
Marburg Germany
600 Nitro
Cases made on contract by Bertram Bullet Company, Australia.
Souvenier for the 1994 IWA Show.
Bob R