Unknown hstp on Martini Henry

Does somebody knows the meaning of the following hstp on a Martini Henry :
M (9 oc) K (12 oc) O (3 oc) M (6 oc)


Edited to correct the hstp :
It is in fact : M (9 oc) K (12 oc) C (3 oc) M (6 oc)

There’s a similar cartridge in the Ecra’s database, headstamped:
M (9 oc) K (12 oc) G or C (3 oc) M (6 oc) (maybe the O was poorly headstamped)
It is said that it was producted by SFM for an unknow recipient.


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These ctges were made by SFM in 1907; (Mark drawing N°257)
From the info of Fede in the post given by WBD the initials are for :
Muscat, Oman. Its initials likely stand for “Matig Kévorkoff et Compagnie, Mascat”.

Thank you very much