Unknown, Israeli 40MM/37MM APFSDS - Need Help To ID

Today I added this very unusual, inert, Israeli APFSDS projectile. I am not 100% sure what it is or even what it size is. It is .5 to 1mm larger then the opening on my 37MM M16 case from 1942 and very loose in a 40MM Bofors MK3 case. The sub-projectile dart has a blunt tip (possibly for range reduction?) that I have not seen before with the exception of a 105MM TPDS round in Jane’s Ammunition. Another feature of its design that I find interesting is that the sub-projectile dart spins inside its sabot as if it were in a ball bearing apparatus. The driving band free floats so I am thinking it was designed to be fired in a rifled barrel. Perhaps the ball bearing system also helps the fin stabilization work better or sabot separation? The only other APFSDS projectile that I know of that uses an almost identical bearing system is the German 105MM DM33 made and stenciled for Israel. Interesting coincidence :-)


I know nothing abut the projo, but are there any markings I can help with?

Thank you so much, for your help, Jon. I looked all over it and the only marking are the number 33 hand scratched on the inside wall on the front of each sabot petal. There are no hebrew letters or other markings anywhere.


Then I have to ask…why do you think it’s Israeli? Perhaps a German experimental?

Good point :-)

The only reason I thought it was Israeli was because I bought from a seller in Israel who said it was but did not know much about it. The ball bearing design matches the only other ball bearing design that I have seen in a APFSDS projectile that was also German/Israeli, the 105mm DM33. I may have jumped the gun on the Israeli ID. I need to find my calipers to get an exact measurement.


Ah, if it came out of Israel it most-likely is an Israeli development.
Guess I’m done. Best of luck with it. I’ll watch to see what you come up with.

Just a WAG but if you double the dimensions you come with something close to 76mm. Perhaps it was a half-scale experimental test item?

I have a 57mm APFSDS which was intended as an (almost) half-scale test for 120mm.

Thanks so much, Tony. That makes a lot of sense and could definitely be it. Really appreciate your thoughts on it.