Unknown item/Dingbat?

I picked this up towards the end of the bin sale at SLICS. Any idea what it is if anything.
It appears to be an unprimed 22 LR case with some sort of a nipple in the case head. The case mouth was tapered to an inside diameter of 0.153".


Any thoughts or guesses would be appreciated.


Reverse loaded, recoiless, cup-rimfire flechette?

Is there a spring inside to allow the steel(?) nipple to depress?

The nipple is steel and no spring. It doesn’t move. Here is a photo looking down into the case. (Sorry the photo quality is not that good)

Strelok your guess was as good as mine.


Does the central piece move at all?

No it is in there tight doesn’t move at all

sorry Paul, no other ideas.

Can you give a closer, maybe angled shot of the case neck?

Here you go.


Any ideas?


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Could be just a stuck case that someone used a pointy metal rod pushed down the barrel to get the case out, and the end of the rod broke off after perforating the base of the cartridge.

Along that same line. How’s about a case stuck in a reforming die for making some of the Wildcats based on a 22 rim fire case. And this was how it was pushed out.
Just a thought.

Not sure what to think. It’s an unprimed case so if it was intended to be some wildcat it would be a dummy. It looks to me the case head had been drilled then the nipple inserted since there doesn’t appear to have a lot of excess brass pushed out by the steel insert.


On that note, wasn’t there a reloading kit for making swaged projectiles from fired cases?
Article on .223 bullets from .22 LR

Also, is the rim cracked next to the rod?

I have several different head stamped bullets made from 22 rimfire cases. They all appear to have been made from fired cases not UPE’s.

Yes the case does appear to be cracked.


Back in the 80s’ I knew a guy who used a Corbin Swager to make custom hunting bullets for several calibers.

Is it possible that the steel tip might be the end of a primer removal pin from a centerfire die?
Or, does it look to be “hollow” from the back end, inside the casing?

The steel tip appears to be hollow.