Unknown manufacturer WW2 clip

Can somebody identify the manufacturer of this German WW2 8mm Mauser Clip?



This one is unknown to me, it’s not one that I have in my collection.

The late Phil Butler had one and we agreed that it was a monograph of some sort, but what we couldn’t make out. It looks German from the style of the numerals but I wouldn’t expect to see anything but the standard markings at that time.

Not much help I’m afraid, but I have nearly 50 7,9mm clips in my “unknown” folder.


Cannot be certain, but I could swear that symbol looks like one I have seen on German [Solingen?] made knives, and/or bayonets… It looks ike a man squatting, with the right hand holding onto his hat.

I need to look through my bayonets and see if I have one.

The photo is not good enough, is that the letters “RZM” there maybe?

JInteresting suggestion over the Solingen mark, it does look a bit like the Zwilling JA Henckels “twins” trademark … not the current one, but that used during both World Wars.



First of all, thanks for the responses.

There is a similar unknown marking known.
The outside is not showed with six corners but a circle.

It is interesting the Germans used after 1940 still these kinds of factory markings.

What do you think.

The logo here may read “KKK”?


Kühnle, Kopp und Kausch of Frankenthal, well known for KKK turbo chargers comes to mind. But I could not find a reference of the triple K in a circle being used by them.

Jochem, that is the logo of Carl Krampe (obp).

The logo on the clip looks like a triskelion with three legs, similiar to the one used by the city of Füssen.



Fede, you are right. My congratulations to solving this riddle.