Unknown Markings on German WWI and WWII 9mm P08 boxes


In looking through my German boxes and photos for a project I’m working, I ran across a number of boxes with overstamps that I do not know the meaning of, or in some cases can’t make out.

Any help with thise would be appreciated. I’d also appreciate knowing about similar overstamps or other unusual overstamps.

This box is interesting because it includes the stamp of Waffenamt 836, the inspector at Kabel-u. Metallwerke Neumeyer A.G., Werk Nürnberg who produced this ammunition. Why the Waffenamt stamp? I have a an identical box in my collection and have documented others, all this same lot. My other va boxes do not have this stamp.

This is a box of Ex rounds headstamped P 21 Ex. I tried the computer translater on this note, but the result made no sense. Any help appreciated. This box is not in my collection.

A normal MW box, but I have not previously seen the “DRUK K” stamp before. Does anyone have any idea of the meaning. The cartridges are all headstamped MW 8 17 and 9 17.

The next one looks like a Polte box that after they loaded or at some later time decided they didn’t really know the manufacturer data. It may have been a repack. I only have the photo and have no idea what was in it.

The strange thing to me is the “M 23” printed on the box label. Does anyone have an idea for the use of this marking. I don’t recall seeing it on other German boxes.

Finally, an hlc box from 1942 with a strange marking in red that I can’t make out. Can anyone tell me what it says and perhaps provide a translation?

Thanks to everyone for all the help!!!



Refers to the dummy cartridges and says “by use of cases made by the former Ammunition Factory Kassel”

"UNGÜLTIG" means “invalid”, here it refers to the label since the box was supposed to be reused (or was reused already and the new “new” label came off later)


Just got an email from Rolf F with a photo of an early “am” box by Gustloff Werke Hirtenberg with the same Eagle WaA stamp as the “va” box illustrated above, but Rolf’s box is WaA 161 which is correct for Gustloff Werke Hirtenberg. Unfortunately, the condition of this box is poor and most of the information such as case lot and load lot is totally unreadable.

Still, another piece of the puzzle.

Does anyone else have a box with this marking???

Does anyone else have an idea why some lots had this stamp? One explaination offered is that this is a Luftwaffe marking, but this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me since I thought the Luftwaffe had their own set of acceptance inspectors and stamps, but perhaps the Luftwaffe had some agreement with the Wa.Abn. (Acceptance Section of Army Ordnance Office) who did the acceptance for them since it would only be random lots. Still, the “dou” boxes with the Luftwaffe “L. Ma. Hr.” markings do not have a WaA stamp on them!

The best description of the WaA system and the most complete set of numbers I have found was compiled by Claus Espeholt and is available at http://www.milsurps.com/content.php?r=226-Das-Heereswaffenamt-(Detailed-Listing-of-German-WaA-Markings-and-Codes).



Lew - you may have already recorded it, but I have the identical box you show on this thread,
va loading lot 25 of 1941. The headstamp is interesting to report here, I think, since it is "va St.
10 41. I don’t recall seeing a dot after “St” on many other headstamps, if any.


The box pictured above also has rounds headstamped “va St. 10 41”.

I have rounds in my collection with this headstamp (including the “dot”) with lots 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13.

I also have “va St 2 41” which is the only St with out the dot or + that I know of.

Beginning lot 14 of 1941, va used the “St+” on their headstamps.

I don’t recall the “St.” symbol being used by any other manufacturers.



Lew, below is a color picture of another Kabel box with the same label but showing a slightly different Waffenamt 836 stamp.