Unknown mortar or bomb

I found a picture in Network.
I dout it is bomb or mortar?
And calibre?

Dou you have better images maybe? And where was the image taken?

As this one appears to be improvised it should be something by non-state actors. Then we can exclude these folks to have an air force (except light drones) so I would exclude aircraft bombs.
My assumption is on mortar projectiles then.

I found in google
And I dont know where this photo has been taken.


My comment remains valid.

In all probability Deraa/Daraa, Syria, approx 6th July 2018

That looks like it is at least 8"/203mm daimeter… mortars that big?
When I was ‘in’, we had the 60mm & 81mm, but the largest I remember was 120mm, and that was a heavy mortar!

Apparently so, see this link which shows Finnish 160mm & 300mm mortars: http://armamentresearch.com/finnish-tampella-160-mm-mortar-system-and-extended-range-hefsds-projectile/


Gents do not confuse this with regular ordnance.