Unknown object possibly cartridge related?

Maybe someone recognises this object. It came with some cartridges, but you know how that goes. Metal is all magnetic. Piece of rawhide is tied on with string. The rawhide is stiff.



It might help to know what cartridges it came with Joe!

It looks like something that you would join 2 pieces together and be able to separate them easily.

It looks something like a piston, pivoting at the central point… Even pressure on all “sides”… Maybe it is someone’s home-made packing tool?

What might the diameter be?

The round part is about 18mm or 3/4 of an inch across. It came with an assortment of many calibers, mostly 20th century military rifle ammo. It was painted grey.
Yes, the piece obviously pivots up to slip something down on the shaft and then you toggle it back and slip the rawhide back thru the slot to secure.


It is most likely a “latch” of some sort. This type (but not exact design) is regularly seen on “utility vehicles” (pickups) with fold down sides on the storage area of the tray.
If you google image search something like “sideboard latch” then similar ones will show in the results.



How would Tineye help in this case? It only searches for images that are identical or feature a piece of the image (e.g. search with the half of a company logo and it may turn up the full logo, since the part you searched is in the full one).

Google’s Reverse Image Search is more helpful in this case, as it can return photos that are similar- of course based on algorithms picking apart the photo into colours and coloured areas.
Press the “camera” symbol in the search box and upload the image, or insert the image URL.

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Extremely doubtful it is at all cartridge related. I agree with alpinehunter.

It’s a latch, often referred to as an Antiluce. (Google that word). The rust mark on the shank would indicate the shaft went through a hole in some object. I’m thinking the rawhide was merely there for ease of use.



Possibly a drain plug from a boat or aircraft or water tank?

A pass through retaining pin with quick release retaining wedge. This item has some age to it, note the rawhide pull tied in place with hemp or sisal type twine, used to pull the wedge free to allow removal of the pin or allow something held in place by the pin to be freed up. When the pin was put in place, thumb pressure was used to push the wedge tight to retain the pin.

WW2 vintage or earlier?

Northern or mountainous Europe or Russia?

Which armies used equipment painted light grey/ field grey?

MG, mortar, early trench mortar - Minenwerfer? These all used tripods, carts, sleds or bases which were designed to be taken down fairly quickly for ease of transport.

Wicker baskets were used to carry small arms ammunition and artillery ammunition. Baskets for smaller calibers were carried on backpacks by humans, animals or by sleds or wagons. All these methods required retaining/attachment points/clips/ closures which might possibly have used retaining pins???


Thanks for the inputs. Brian makes a lot of points I also have thought on. John Kindred’s reference is spot on for the definition when you look at other pictures.


Joe. Was at a show at Bisley in the UK and there was an old wooden ammo box (pistol rounds) WW1 and it had a device similar to yours but was attached to a pin. If you mail me I will send on the guys details and he will send on pics so you can see how it was used…paul.