Unknown pinfire headstamp

Has this headstamp been identified?

In “atlas culots de munitions” there is exactly the same headstamp on a pinfire 9 mm and they identify it as christiania’s arsenal in Oslo, norway. But they didn’t say whqt the A stand for…should be arsenal…?

Except for the letter “A”, there is nothing that connects this cartridge to Norway. The Norwegian army and navy used only 12mm PF, or 11mm as it was called here. The headstamp shown here has never been seen on any Norwegian 12mm PF cartridges. A simple letter “A”, without a crown is known on Norwegian 12mm PF.


It is Danish made by the Ammunitionsarsenalet.



Perhaps it is this stamp from Hovedarsenalet in Norway that causes some confusion.
Here on a Lunds Kammerlader.

Yes Finn, this crowned A, which might stand for “Arsenalet” could be the source of the confusion.

I realize that Manfred Zwecker in his study of PF headstamps says that the crowned A is the Danish arsenal, but I’m not completely convinced of this. The crowned A headstamp is found on 7mm, 9mm and 12mm PF. There is also a double A and crown headstamp in 9mm. I wonder why the Danish arsenal would be manufacturing 7mm and 9mm PF cartridges, when, as far as I know, the Danish army and navy only used 12mm.
It’s also interesting to note that Jean Louis Antoine, in Belgium used an LA headstamp, with and without a crown.