Unknown pistol

I want to get some information about this pistol.
Stamp information on pistol disapeared.

This should be a FÉG PA-63, was made in different calibers.


With the unanodized aluminum frame, and numbered as it is, it is likely caliber 9 x 18 mm Makarov, although it is NOT a Makarov pistol. The PA63 only resembles the Makarov in outward appearance. Tennsats was right on in his identification. The Pistol is Hungarian, by the way, made by Fégyver és Gépgyár Részvénytársaság (Metal Products, Weapons and Machinery Factory), Budapest. The military designation of the pistol, in caliber 9 x 18, was “PA-63M,” probably standing for “Pisztoly Automata 63 Minta” or “Automatic Pistol Model 63.”

As Tennsats said, the pistol was made in other calibers, such as 7.65 mm Browning and 9 mm Browning Short, and was sold under the Fég brand as well as other brand names, including a version in 9 mm Short made for Egypt.

John Moss

I’m glad Yaserdoma has an answer, but why are we identifing guns on an Ammunition Forum?
If we continue this we will be counting screws on Winchester rifles pretty soon.

We are answering a question out of courtesy to a user of this forum. While I agree that most gun questions don’t really relate to this Forum, let’s not make the mistake so many cartridge collectors seem to do, and that is the false belief that you can totally separate the two subjects of guns and ammo from each other. A gun without ammunition is a useless object not worthy of study, as is a cartridge without a gun.

It is enough to once in awhile gently remind people that this is basically a cartridge forum. Yet we have just had a very informative thread that centered as much on the Heinemann development of a semi-automatic rifle as it did on a cartridge for which there was little explanation.


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John can’t say I disagree with you, information is all good & I thought I reaffirmed I was glad he had an answer?

I was trying to “gently remind” others.

Although you mentioned the ammunition in this thread there was no specific question about the ammunition as there was in the other thread, However this one being of such a general query a reply could have gone into production numbers, grip variations & so forth.

Which is / was my point, the question was about the firearm, not the ammunition.

I was very thanksful you are considering my problem.

Thank you I really appreciate (johnMoss and tennsats) help.

I have to Respect the rules of forum and other opiniom but i think ammunition and firearm are unsepratable and they are uniqe.
If we want to learn about ammunition, we have to learn about firearm.

You are 100% correct they are “unsepratable”.

My point was you did not ask about ammunition, you asked about the firearm. Your only direct question / statement was about a disappearing stamp. This is not a forum about stamps on guns. You asked nothing specific about ammunition.

Now all that said, I am glad that John & Ole could answer your question, and that I personally value your questions and answers on this forum.