Unknown (Possibly Iranian) 7.92x57 Hstp


I acquired a fired 7.92x57 case on Saturday with the following headstamp:

The case is brass, and is fitted with a berdan primer with a brass cup, held in place by three stake marks. It has black annulus. The neck crimp looks very FN to me, which would seem logical, as I have seen a similar hstp on municion.org listed as being made by FN on contract for pre-revolution Iran.

Can anyone tell me if this is correct, and what the headstamp actually translates to? Any info would be helpful.


Falcon–You are correct this is Iranian. the symbol at 9 and 3 are the the letters “A” & “L”. I do not know what these stand for. The date at 6 is 1309 which is 1930. The cartridge was made on contract by Fabrique Nationale, Liege, Belgium

BTW, very nice drawing.


Cheers Ron, I had actually read that date as 1309, and looked up the current Iranian calendar date after seeing the similar hstp on municion.org. However, I thought 1930 was too early, so posted this for a second opinion.

As for the drawing, I have always been good at drawing technical type things like diagrams, but am no good at animals, people etc. All that headstamp took was a set of compasses, a pencil, a ruler, a protractor and a bit of patience.