Unknown pre-1951 Danish Round

Found a Danish Government Arsenal wooden rifle round.
I know it is pre-1951 due to the HA headstamp but cannot figure out the mm or the function of this strange wooden round.

Also do not know what quadruple element headstamp markings mean.
VI46 @ 12 o clock
8/triangle @ 3 o clock
HA (Danish Government Arsenal) @ 6 o clock
4 @9 o clock

Let me know what y’all can tell me about this round.PNG

It is a Danish Blank, which can be found in several variations. The caliber, I am pretty sure (sometimes a photo given with no dimensional information can be deceiving) is 6.5 x 55, which was used in Sweden, Norway and Denmark at one time or another. An excellent cartridge by the way - very accurate, low recoil, etc. I used to shoot my Swedish rifles in that caliber often.

John Moss

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Thank you!
Upon further measurement I have confirmed that is is a 6.5x55mm round - I was not previously familiar with this kind of measurement.
What I find strange about it is the wooden tip. I’ve never seen a blank use wood before.

Wood-bullet blanks are actually quite common. They are found in many rifle calibers and many pistol calibers. The Danish made the same blank in 7.9 x 57 mm, using any cases available. When I collected that caliber, I had the opportunity to go thru 1000 or more rounds of blanks, and found well over 100 different headstamps. There really is nothing unusual about wood blanks. Some wood projectiles have been used in grenade-launching cartridges as well.

John Moss

Any idea what the VI46 @ 12clock could possibly mean?


As to the weird lettering:
That is a quite unique Danish thing.

It denotes who supplied the raw brass by letter, and what part of the batch (In Roman ciphers) and finally what year it was bought.

H = Hembrug Holland
S = Swedish either Svenska Metallverken or Sjöberg & Bergsten
V = Valseværket (Dansk Kabel og Tråd) Denmark

Yours denotes:
V = Valseværket (Dansk Kabel og Tråd) Denmark
I = First batch used
46 = The year it was used
Triangle = Experimental cases drawn from 3.7mm stock (brainfart!)

Chickenthief, wasn’t the triangle the mark for an altered amboss in the case?
Otterup used an “O” as a factory mark on reloaded cartridges and dummies they made.

EOD right you are!

The triangle denoted experimental cases drawn from 3.7mm stock.
And a redesign of amboss after case was drawn.

EOD - can you define the word “amboss” as it relates to ammunition for me? It is a term I am not familiar with, and cannot find it in my unabridged dictionary, the AFTE Glossary, or anywhere else. When I come across an ammo term in English that I don’t know, I really feel dumb - probably a correct and natural reaction in my case!

I had not seen this term before.

Thank you.

John Moss

I’ve not heard the term either so here is a definition I found online.


Alternative forms: Amboß (obsolete)

Etymology: From Old High German anabōz (“anvil”) (see also anabolz (“anvil”), anabelzi (“anvil”)).

Noun: Amboss m (genitive Ambosses, plural Ambosse)

anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
anvil (bone in inner ear)

A Berdan primer case has the anvil in the primer pocket. In German the anvil is Amboss.

Boxer primers are called Amboss-Zündhütchen (anvil primers) in German, because this type of primer also contains the anvil.

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Hi Chickenthief,

What is the source that identify the triangle marking? Also, do you have a document that identifies “V” as “Dansk Kabel og Tråd”?



Thank you Brian and Peelen. I learn something every hour of the day.

John Moss

John, sorry for confusing you and others!
Of course I should have said anvil! I was in a hurry and heading out…

EOD - no apology, please. There is no reason why you couldn’t/shouldn’t use that word. Those of us who did not know the meaning now do. It is never “confusing” to learn something new.

Thank you (and others, of course), for all the information you share with us!


Fede - do you mean if the “V” is indeed “Dansk Kabel og Tråd”, or if “Dansk Kabel og Tråd” is Danish?

The name of the latter means quite literally “Danish cable and thread”.


Hi Ole,

I mean if there is actually a Danish company named “Dansk Kabel og Tråd”, because the information I have is about a Danish company named “Nordisk Kabel og Tråd”.

In any case, what I would like to see is a primary source identifying these initials.



“Nordisk Kabel & Tråd” (today NKT A/S making things like fiber cables) was Danish, to begin with, I guess there might be some forgotten merge or purchase of a smaller company that leads to the “Dansk Kabel & Tråd” name?


You are right, I don’t know why I wrote it was Norwegian. I’m still would like to know the correct name and source of identification of these markings.

I edited my previous post to avoid confusion.

Ole: I wonder if trad (with circle above the a) isn’t in this context intended to mean “wire”? Certainly “Danish cable and wire” sounds more plausible to my ears. Jack