Unknown Primer Types


While continuing to work on the load listings for U.M.C., I found some primer types in the 1880 catalog that I am unfamiliar with. I would appreciate it if anyone that knows them could provide a picture, drawing or good description of them and how to identify them in the cartridge from the standard U.M.C. primers which U.M.C. started using in 1887…

BUFFINGTON PRIMER–Listed as available in Primed Empty Brass Shot Shells in both Type A & B.

WESSON PRIMER–Used in .32 Webley, .32 S&W, .32 Long, .38 S&W, .41 Short,
.44 S&W No. 3 American, .45 Webley

WESSON PRIMER, No. 1–Used in .38 Extra Long, .44 Colt’s, .44 Ballard, .44 Colt & Winchester,
.44 Webley, .45 S&W

WESSON PRIMER, No. 2–Used in .45 Winchester 1876, .45 Colt’s U.S.A.

COLT’S PRIMER–Used in .38 Short, .38 Long for Colt’s D.A., .41 Long Colt’s

Also, exactly what cartridge is the .45 Winchester, 1876?

All the Brass Shot Shells are listed as available, for 1 cent additional, with “Kenney’s Patent Indentations to prevent the wads starting”. I know there were a number of patents of this type for a series of pricks or rings, etc. Can anyone post a picture or reference the Patent Number of Kenney’s design?

If anyone is interested, I hope to have the U.M.C. Listing available on CD at SLICS. Email me for details.


Ron: The Wesson primer sans number is, I believe, the regular Boxer type primer later listed by UMC as the 0. The Wesson 1 and 2 are the ordinary Boxer 1 and 2 types & equivalent to the WRA primers of the same numbers. Maybe someone will tell us which of the Wesson tribe is meant by this designation. The Winchester .45 of 1876 is the .45-75. Jack