Unknown primer

here is a picture of a primer found on a steel case shell.
The letters are L M

Any idea of the manufacturer ?



I don’t know about the primer but there is a similar intertwined " L M" raised headstamp on a 6mm Flobert. It is attributed to S.M.I Leon Beaux & Cie, Milan, Italy. See “The 22 Rimfire Cartridge” by BW Gracia.


Hello Paul !
Leon Beaux ?? hum.

Anyway in Italia there is either Leon Beaux, either SMI, but not both at the same time.

Is there a reference in the book of George Kass (I have it but I borrowed it to a friend!)



There is no refence to this headstamp in Kass’s work. The only reference I have is Gracia. He states it was on pre-1940 6mm. I also have it on a 9mm Flobert. Thats all the information I have on it. Sorry!


Hi Paul,
Thank you to have sent me the paper.
Perhaps BW Garcia is reading this forum and can give us more info ( box label, aso)

I think that when Barry Gracia listed the “LM” (Intertwined) headstamp for .22s as a product of S.M.I. Leon Beaux, he was not mixing the two Italian Companies Societ

Hi John,
I agree with you.
Because all the drawings and litterature on Leon Beaux don’t show : LM.
The usual hstps on RF for Leon Beaux is a star or a cock.

On 8x56r manlicher ctg I have them with intertwinted LM (not gothic style)which stand for Magyar loszermuvek R.T. Veszprem Hongarije. Maybe a similarity? Jan

I agree there is a serious doubt about it being Leon Beaux. The rimfire headstamp is identical the “LM” on the primer. They must have been made by or for the same company.

Like Jan I also thought of the “ML” on Magyar loszermuvek R.T. Veszprem Hongarije cartridges. I know nothing about this company only the reference in Hogg’s “The Cartridge Guide”. Did they ever make rimfires? My knowledge of European ammunition manufacture is very limited!


Rimfire - the only Hungarian ML headstamps I have seen, while intertwined, are very plain letters, and appear on 9mm Parabellum and 9 x 25mm Mauser pistol and SMG ammo from the years 1943 and 44. Other than that, I don’t know much about the company either.

John Moss

Probably doesn

What about Ludwig Mandl of Austria ?


I have found rimfire 9mm Floberts in round cans from S.A. MARTIGNONI, Genova, Italy, with this LM intertwined headstamp.

Thats good to know. Another cartridge mystery solved! Thanks for the info FORAMMO. Any chance of posting a picture of the can?


I confirm what said Georges.
these primers are from Martignoni
(I found a box in my mess !!)

This work was not for useless.
Here are some primers boxes from French origin.
PS : I don’t collect anymore primers boxes.