Unknown projectile jacket 0.510" diameter

I have a hollow projectile jacket, which for the life of me I cannot remember what it was for. It seems to be copper or gilding metal (non magnetic). 0.510"at base and 1.674" long. Weighs in at 232 grains. I should have logged it in when I knew what it was for.


looks like copper tubing being modified into a .50 BMG soft-point/hunting projectile. Pretty common action for people who want to produce their own .50 bullets for shooting or, specifically, hunting. But there are a couple commercial manufacturers who do this as well.

This step is waiting for the lead to be inserted, before final nose swaging.

…just my guess…

My SWAG is a jacket for a 50 caliber bullet ( not projectile) of some sort. But, I’m not sure how the core can be inserted and swaged since the ogive has already been shaped.


Thanks for the insight fellas. I had seen a picture with description or short article on this and I said to myself, oh yea, that is what I have and now I cannot remember. It is definitely a .50 cal jacket.


Joe, this could have been done by anyone having a swaging press, but considering your location I think that this could be a product of Copperhead Custom Swaging of Mesa, AZ. This manufacturer had offered commercially a few different bullets, including boat tail and flat base models with a soft or open point.

Fede, Thanks. There web site is dead, so I will call them Monday and ask for a catalog.


.51 caliber is about 13mm Gyrojet size. MBA did make some rockets out of Bundy tubing, with a rivet type filler for the point. Maybe Mel Carpenter can shed more light on this, or rule out any relationship to Gyrojets.

John, I looked thru my Gyrojets and yes, some measure exactly the same diameter 0.510". The base is similar, but only 0.043" thick. I do not know how thick my gyrojet bases are, but they look a lot thicker than that to accommodate the angular jet holes drilled in them.

Keep suggesting guys, you will say something and a light bulb will go off in my head probably.


The Bundy tubing gyrojets used copper plated steel I’m pretty sure but check Mel’s book

Joe, you want the light bulb to go on. ON Joe! ;-) ;-)

The base on that “jacket” is interesting. Is it simply part of the tube folded over or is a separate piece, like a GM cup that you find closing the bottom of an AP or Tracer?


Ray, as I look at it inside and out, it seems to be one piece. It has been sitting here for a few months now. I also cannot remember where I got it. It might have come out of a collection I bought, but I am not sure.It could have come out of one of many auctions I win. What I do remember is I seen reference to it somewhere and a light bulb went “ON” and I should have made a note of such then and there. Oh well., story of my life so far.


Ya, this is non magnetic.