Unknown projectile



Please help me for identify above projectile


unfortunately I dont have any picture about it


Very difficult to tell. Looks like a rocket/missile warhead. Likely HE-Frag or SAP-HE.

Where was the image taken?


I think it is a bomb


Honestly, it does not look like.


But the tail of projectile shows that it is a bomb


Maybe I mistake.


Yaserdoma, your pictures are always interesting! What part of the world do you take these pictures from?



It is from Iraq


The assumed rear section actually looks like the mounting part for a missile/rocket.


Here some missile warheads for comparison.
Of course there are many more variants, always depending on the designer and the intended purpose.



Thanks alot
Yes.it look like
But I think it not exact


The firs picture you sent me, look like
Do you know the name of projectile?
Maybe it help us


I selected these warheads only as examples to show what they can be like. And as said there are many more and similar ones.

The top one is for the Kormoran anti ship missile.




Thanks again for your usefull information EOD.
the titles and names of section of the first picture will be usefull for identify.
Can you send me the information of sections of first picture.


Yaserdoma, above I wrote it is for the Kormoran anti ship missile.

As said it is only an example for a missile warhead of this type. The one in your photo is a different type.

Here the description of the Kormoran: