Unknown projectile

I have two photo about unknown projectile.
Please help me to recognize them.

Can you tell us if that it a standard 3/16" tip on the screwdriver please? That will allow us to extrapolate useful dimensions on those shells, such as length and diameter.

Possibly British/Commonwealth 25 pounder smoke/star shells fitted with a 221 fuze - but further dimensions required to verify.

I agree, exact measurements would be helpfull and if present images of the markings on the fuze and shell body.

Photos not belong me.so I dont have any more.

I agree these are probably illuminating or “star shell” projectiles.
They have a small expelling charge behind the fuze which creates pressure to blow out the flare and parachute contained in the shell. In the process the flat plate at the base is blown out, and you ca see in the open shell how the plate would seat into the base.
Since there are no rifling marks on the rotating bands, these have not been fired, but were probably in a pile of shells which were in a fire which activated some of the expelling charges but not others. The fire could have been intentional to get rid of shells of questionable safety or reliability, or the result of enemy action on a storage area.

Thanks all of you
For your usefull information

If you have any more information again ; I will so thankful

There could be different variants if these are 25pdr.
Metric diameter should be 88mm or 89mm. I saw different figures for them in the past.

Possible versions are:

  • Illum
  • Smoke
  • Leaflet
  • Chemical (when the base plate has central inserts), be aware!

I tried to upload a UK manual on the 25pdr but the allowed file size is too small.

Uploaded it elsewhere and will delete in like 1 month.
So please save it if you want to keep it.


EOD Thanks alot for your file.
It is useful. But I think, photos not belong to 25 pdr.