Unknown projectile


Battlefield pickup. Just kidding, unless getting to a shooting range is as difficult for you as it is for me. What is it? About 12.5-13mm diametre, probably about 22mm length originally.


I’m not seeing any rifling marks, so to me that suggests that it was launched from a sabot.
I’m thinking it is from a sabot-ed shotgun shell.


Looks like some kind of monster “pin gabber” HP. Do they make those for slugs? Is it lead?


It is non-magnetic, outside looks like steel, inside like lead filled.


The outside looks nickel plated. My vote is for a saboted shotgun load. I found one of similar size, but different design at my range a few years ago… Anyone up on the latest sabots in 12 ga.?

Could also be from a saboted load for a muzzle loader… Those seem to be all the rage these days…



Howbout a oilwell penetrator?