Unknown projectiles (?)


Does anybody here knows anything about these items?
On the NVBMB forum nobody knows, so maybe anybody in the rest of the world?
Length: 14 cm
Diam. 18 mm
Tip alu / copper
Tip weight about 4,45 grams
Inside a kind of 'rubber’
Total weight about 30 gram.
All is made of thin plate steel
At the bottom: ‘Made in West Germany’



Jaco; What is it about these that makes you believe that they have something to do with ammunition?


We don’t know…just a feeling


Hi guys…these look like line gun projectiles used by naval forces to shoot a line from ship to ship.


Everything is possible? Do you have an example of a live round or weapon?


The Blue Paint is typical of all Nato Ordnance articles used for “PRAC” (Practice). Blue does not mean “Inert”, because even PRAC articles may contain a smoke or sound charge for effect. And given the construction, they look like some kind of Projectile of some Purpose ( whether Ordnance, Line-throwing, or Flare, I don’t know.)

Doc AV


I have seen these and they are not ammunition, inside is rubber and it smells like glue.


Although there is some external similarity to the buoyant line throwing projectiles these are almost certainly NOT line throwing related.

Possibly some sort of sub caliber practice munition, but I am leaning more to non-ordnance origin. Perhaps some sort of shock absorbing or coupling item maybe related to transportation industry- stackable containership connections, railway, heavy trucks? Only a guess, but not everything that looks like ordnance is.